Payday 3 steam and ps5 cover.

What is Payday 3?

In this eagerly awaited sequel, Payday 3 promises high-octane heists and thrilling cooperative gameplay. Developed by Starbreeze Studios, the release date is expected to be in late 2023 or early 2024.

 Embrace the adrenaline rush as you plan and execute elaborate robberies with friends, tackling dynamic challenges and intense action. Stay tuned for updates on the Payday 3 release and prepare for the ultimate cooperative crime spree!

payday 3 ps5 leak picture.

What is Payday 3?

Amidst the bustling streets of New York City, a thrilling array of 8 heists awaits players as they embark on the game’s much-anticipated launch day. Though the count might seem modest at first glance, it’s essential to bear in mind that these missions are anything but brief. Each one is meticulously crafted to offer a rich and immersive experience, ensuring that no two playthroughs will ever feel the same.

Payday 3 pc loadout leaked picture.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. The game developers have big plans for the future. With the revelation of the game’s season pass, players can eagerly anticipate the addition of at least four more heists to the already impressive roster. This means that once all the content from the season pass is released, a grand total of 12 captivating heists will be at players’ fingertips.


In a sharp contrast to its predecessor, Payday 2, which initially launched with 12 heists, Payday 3 aims to deliver a more polished and grander gameplay experience. While the previous game had a higher quantity of heists, many of them were confined to small, repetitive maps with limited variation. Payday 3, on the other hand, focuses on quality over quantity, providing players with larger and more intricately designed heists that promise to take the thrill to new heights.

The GTA 6 map brings back the iconic Vice City.

 But that is not the end, as Rockstar will continuously upgrade the map while improving the game.

More new cities will be added to the map, meaning this map will grow even bigger in size than what fans will get after release.



Undoubtedly, it would make the upcoming GTA title even more fun. Fans will get to explore new locations over time. It seems Rockstar Games plans to recreate the long run of GTA 5 with this upcoming title.


 It would be interesting to see if this ever-evolving GTA 6 map will impress the fans.

gta 6 leaked gameplay of the jason character.

Everything that has been leaked so far

1. Vending machines

  • There will be vending machines scattered throughout the streets. These vending machines offer a variety of items for the player to purchase such as snacks, drinks and other useful items.
  • Players can interact with these vending machines to buy items that can aid them during their adventures in the game world.

2. Wearing gloves prevents leaving

  • This mechanic adds a layer of realism and strategy to certain activities, allowing players to avoid leaving incriminating evidence behind during heists or other criminal endeavors.
  • By wearing gloves, players can minimize their chances of being identified or linked to specific actions, making it easier to evade law enforcement and maintain anonymity in the game world.

3. Fame system

  • As players complete various activities, missions, and events, they will gain notoriety and followers on ingame social media platforms.
  • As their fame grows,they may attract fans,receive endorsement deals, and even face paparazzi.

4. NPCs

  • NPCs will be equipped with advanced artificial intelligence, with each NPC having its own unique personality and characteristics.
  • This means that each NPC in the game will behave differently, and will have distinct reactions to players actions.

5. Legendary items

  • Legendary items will be introduced,and items in the game will have varying levels of rarity
  • This means that clothes, weapons, and accesories will come with different rarity levels, indicating their scarcity and difficulty to obtain.

6. Realistic combat

  • Players will have the ability to perform precise shots to dismember their enemies and disable specific body parts
  • Players can expect intense and realistic combat encounters where precise shooting can have a significant impact on their succes in the dynamic and action-packed world of GTA 6

7. Story endings

  • The story will have multiple endings, depending on the choices you make during the gameplay.
  • This branching storyline adds a sense of agency and immersion.